The Principal

Jan Riehle is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Brazil since early 2011.

Before moving to Brazil, Jan lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, France and Singapore. He speaks fluent Portuguese, French, English and German. He holds an MBA from INSEAD (Dec. 09), and graduated once with a Master of Science in Economics and once with a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Hagen in Germany.

In Switzerland, he worked for the Swiss Mid-Market Private Equity Fund Constellation and for the Swiss M&A Boutique Kurmann & Partners. In Brazil, he co-founded the e-commerce companies eOtica, Juv, Itaro as well as the Digital Marketing company OndaLocal. He also invested in several startups from 2012 until 2015.

Jan can reflect upon two exits, having sold Itaro to the local distributor Grupo Cantu (Pneustore) in 2017 and eOtica to the French Holding Essilor in 2015. During the period between 2013 and its exit, he served as Itaro’s CEO.

History of Rising Venture

Rising Venture, before its re-launch as a Search-Fund in 2017, was used as the investment vehicle for the principal’s investment and entrepreneurial activities in Brasil. Apart from the exits of Itaro and eOtica, Rising Venture is still holding various startup participations, of which three underwent promising developments and managed to thrive, one even to realize an IPO at the B3 in 2021.