The concept of a Search Fund is rather new in the Brazilian Market. Apart from Rising Venture we could identify another five Search Funds operating in the country, all of them are either in the search or in the deal phase. Find an overview of four funds we could gather some information about below:

Fund Type Start-Date Stage Team
Taqia Capital Traditional January 2015 Deal-Phase One
Maissa Capital Traditional August 2015 Search-Phase One
Colibri Investimentos Traditional March 2016 Deal-Phase One
Sektra Capital Self-Funded January 2016 Search-Phase One
220 Capital Traditional November 2016 Search-Phase Two
Risign Venture Self-Funded April 2016 Fundraising & Search-Phase One

To our knowledge there have also been Search Funds during the 90’s as well as in the early 2000’s, some of them also with successful acquisitions and exits. However, most of these funds did not follow the “traditional” Search Fund model but were rather self-funded or funded by a single investor.

Since the asset-class is not very common in Brazil, the existing Search Funds listed above are all mainly backed by US investors or they are non-traditional.